Are you sportsfit yet?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to step into a fitness centre, setup by a man whose fi tness prowess has put him in stead with the best sportsmen in the world-whether it be his batting, his running between the wickets or his wicket keeping abilities. As luck would have it, my inquisitiveness was appeased by an impromptu call on a Wednesday morning to review SportstFit, Gurgaon. Brimming with enthusiasm I scurried off to the gym, the same evening.
Are you sportsfit yet?



Once there, I walked into a barrage of neatly arranged treadmills and a jungle of densely but well-placed equipment, scattered across 21,600 sq. ft of floor space. When I approached the cordial staff at the front desk, I noticed there was a considerable amount of functional training style routines underway. From balancing on swiss balls to jumping on boxes to interval sprints; a large part of the training seemed structured around a variety of resisted bodyweight movements. This made perfect sense because the theme of ‘SportsFit’ should ideally be in conjunction with functional training, which quite evidently seemed to be concentric to most of the ongoing workouts. To my surprise though, none of the trainers came up to offer me any assistance-whether it be for advice or even just for a spot. They seemed two involved in everyone else’s workout, except mine! I saw no real reason why they would not attend to me; perhaps, given my physique and body language, they thought I am no novice, but an experienced gym-goer.


And then I bumped into a unique stretching machine while warming up. Stretching never felt better, as this machine was equipped to get me lose-limbed from head-to-toe, opening up my body for the intensive training that followed. Energised, I dove straight into a full-body routine, progressing through various equipment, in an effort to target different parts of my body. A majority of them were branded as exclusive ‘SportsFit’ equipment, and might I add, they did a great good job of isolating each muscle groups I attempted to hit. I also took the liberty of unplugging my ipod, as the music seemed quite vivacious and inspiring enough to help me cruise through my workout.

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I ended my session ended by stepping off the floor and into the relatively neat and relaxing sauna and steam room. There’s nothing like a steam session to soothe those weary muscles. As I walked out of the sauna, I couldn’t help but get drawn towards the area cordoned off for fi tness supplements and accessories. With immediate help at hand, it’s ideal for people who need advice on stacking up on supplementation, based on their requirements. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing more sport-specifi c equipment around, the gym does really well when it comes to tailoring functional or sports specific workouts, depending on your goals.

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