Alert! Bitcoin Risk Drops Up To 50- Next September

Bitcoin experienced a number of improvements in the past week leading up to the close of July 2022.


The world’s largest crypto asset touched a value of US$23,800 on Saturday, July 30, 2022. Even so, this value is certainly far from ideal when viewed in a larger timeframe.


In this situation, some analysts even predict a decline in Bitcoin again near the winter of 2022.


This was also revealed by financial mentors and  traders Bitcoin, Evan Aldo in joint interview EVERYDAY CRYPTO.


Evan revealed that the current situation is an important moment when Bitcoin hits the upper limit. Although the upper limit occurs in a short time span.

“If you look at the charts, I can show you a few things. This movement is similar to other patterns that have occurred,” said Evan when opening his explanation.

He referenced the moment in the Super Bowl when Bitcoin’s value rose. With that moment, Bitcoin is still in the range of US $ 35,000 per asset.


During that cycle, there was a significant surge in Bitcoin and sent Bitcoin assets past $45,000 in early April 2022.

“If we chart the move after around the Super Bowl moment, there’s a 47% increase and I think we’re going into a similar moment as well,” Evan said.

Evan predicts an increase in the value of Bitcoin between 38-48% in the near future. Even so, there are some things that he thinks will happen and need more anticipation.

“The situation could see us hit $28,000 and move more slowly towards the end of the month,” he said.

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After the prediction, Evan assumed that there would be a movement and a number of value corrections after the increase.


His analysis estimates the potential value of Bitcoin to be half of its local peak value. The peak value he estimates is in the range of US$24,000 to US$30,000 per token.


Meanwhile, a decrease of 40-50% becomes a condition that can continue afterward. Evan even predicts Bitcoin could touch the $12,000 mark by September 2022.

“A decline of 40-50% to touch the figure of 12,000 will be a bloody moment in August and September,” he said.

Alert! Bitcoin Risk Drops Up To 50- Next September


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