Is it good to travel during pregnancy

Tips for Traveling While Pregnant and is it good to travel during pregnancy

Is it good to travel during pregnancy

Several celebrity couples from home and abroad, now have a new traveling activity known as Babymoon. Babymoon is a holiday that is done when the mother is pregnant or before giving birth to her baby.


Although there is an assumption that traveling while pregnant is one of the taboo things. However, a pregnant mother should not feel pressure or stress. One way to avoid it is to take a babymoon


The following are some travel tips travel during pregnancy to stay safe for both mother and baby.


1. Discuss travel destinations with your partner.


Discuss with your partner especially about babymoon travel destinations. The most suitable tourist attractions are usually peaceful and quiet places but still have swimming pool facilities so you can still exercise while traveling.


Being open to your husband will be very beneficial in planning a babymoon. Especially when it comes to the budget. Don’t force yourself if you don’t have a budget, especially if you have to go into debt.


Don’t just follow trends. Babymoon can be done in simple ways, for example going home to the village enjoying the fresh air and the friendliness of the villagers has become healing for pregnant women who need support from the right environment.


2. Consider a few things before traveling


Traveling while pregnant does not mean not paying attention to some important things. For example, access to hospitals from tourist attractions, transportation used such as planes, trains or private vehicles, also the most important thing is the length of the trip.

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It is recommended not to exceed 2 hours of travel to tourist attractions so as not to make fatigue during the trip. Road trips are still possible as long as they don’t go through extreme routes or break through traffic jams for hours to avoid pregnant women feeling stressed on the trip.


3. The best time for a babymoon.


The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggested that the best time to travel by airplane is between 14 weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy or in the second trimester.


Some airlines allow pregnant women to travel by attaching a certificate from a doctor. Usually at 32 weeks of gestation, doctors have prohibited pregnant women from traveling.


4. Follow the doctor’s advice.


Follow the advice and advice of a gynecologist. Because doctors understand the risks of travel during pregnancy that will occur. Make sure all flights are known and attach a letter of recommendation or permission from a gynecologist.


5. Make yourself more comfortable while traveling.


Cut down on gas-producing foods or fizzy drinks before flying, as the onboard cabin will increase discomfort due to gas and bloating.


Choose a seat near the aisle to make it easier to go to the toilet or just want to take a walk. Make sure that the seat is next to the partner so that if there is an unexpected incident, the couple can quickly ask the cabin crew for help.


6. Keep moving


If travel during pregnancy using a private car, take the opportunity to rest more so that you can move and not sit too much. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Take a break every two hours of travel if the distance is more than four hours.

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It is most appropriate to use the train so that you can remain free to move and not feel bored.


7. Take care of your safety and health.


Obey all regulations both when using an airplane and when using a private vehicle. Keep your seat belt on.


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