5 Tips to Save on Vacations to Japan

5 Tips to Save on Vacations to Japan

Just looking at the cherry blossoms on your cellphone wallpaper is definitely annoying. Maybe you want to go on Vacation to Japan, but don’t have the time and money. Now is the time to save.

5 Tips to Save on Vacations to Japan

Little by little it becomes a hill, you know! Don’t underestimate the IDR 10,000 you save every day. In one year this money can turn into millions.


If the money has been collected later, you can let’s go Vacation to Japan. Before leaving, note the 5 important points below first!


1. Choose the right vacation time


If you want to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, come in March – May. Along the way later, you can see the sakura until you are satisfied, not only through the wallpaper. Oh yes, you can also take pictures among the blooming cherry blossoms. Set the right lighting so that the shots are satisfying.


Vacation to Japan in September – November is also fun, you know! The season when the cherry blossoms fall. Weather conditions are quite good, minimal rain and strong winds. But just in case, you can prepare a thick jacket so you don’t get cold.


2. Learn Japanese culture


Japanese people are famous for being very hardworking and obedient to the rules that apply in their country. You should also do that when you get to Japan, especially when it comes to timing. If the scheduled departure time is at 07.00 am, then you must arrive at the station at 06.45 so you don’t miss the train.

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The same goes for taking out the trash. Never litter if you don’t want to be seen by the people in Japan. After eating at a restaurant or cafe, you should throw your food wrappers in the nearest trash can, instead of leaving them on the table and leaving them just like that.


3. Download the translator app


It turns out that there are still many people in Japan who do not know English. Imagine if you want to buy something, and the seller doesn’t know English, it can be bad, right? We recommend that you download a translator application before leaving as a tool when communicating.


If for example the Google Translate application doesn’t work, you can use body language that is easy to understand. Those of you who are not used to using body language may find it a little strange, but enjoy it. That’s how you communicate in Japan if you don’t know Japanese.


4. Don’t forget to buy a rail pass in youre Country


Transportation costs such as high-speed trains in Vacation to Japan are quite expensive. You must be reluctant to spend millions of rupiah on expenses for a week, right? As a solution, you can activate the Japan rail pass. Every time you want to travel, you just need to show this card.


There are many benefits that you can get with the Japan rail pass. As long as the card is still valid, you are allowed to ride Japan Railways as much as you want without any additional fees. Isn’t it good to save money while in Japan?

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5. Simple packing, minimize clothes


For matters of clothing, you should only bring clothes that are important according to the season in Vacation to Japan. For example, during the summer, you don’t need to bring a jacket or thick clothes. Just an ordinary t-shirt, shorts, joggers and culottes is enough.


Bringing too many clothes will make the holiday atmosphere less memorable because you are too busy taking care of your luggage. Most suitcases, anyway! So, it’s better to sort the clothes first to determine which clothes to bring to Japan later.



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