9 Tips for Solo Traveling to Be Safer and More Comfortable

There are times when you want to go on a trip out of town or abroad, your friends are all busy. You want it so much that you decide to go solo. Even though solo traveling is a bit risky in terms of safety, especially for women.

9 Tips for Solo Traveling to Be Safer and More Comfortable
To keep your solo traveling moments safe, try the following 9 solo traveling tips.
1. Check out the latest news from the destination country
If you already have a vacation destination, you should take your time to listen to some of the latest news from the city or country in question. The more information you get, the more anticipatory ways you can prepare to avoid unpleasant events.
2. Prepare mentally as strong as steel
For those who are traveling solo for the first time, prepare mentally strong to live in a foreign city or country. Don’t be shy to ask if you don’t know where to go. Anyone will be willing to help if you ask nicely and without bad intentions or goals.
3. Prepare an itinerary ahead of time
What tourist attractions will you visit when you arrive in another city or country later? So that you don’t become a person who lives without direction and purpose, prepare an itinerary well in advance of the departure date.
If you want to visit two or three tourist attractions at once, look at the distance between tourist attractions. Visit the closest one first so you don’t go back and forth.
4. Don’t easily say “yes”
If someone offers to help you without being asked, don’t say yes right away. You should be suspicious, this person could mean something bad to you.
It’s true that not everyone means evil, but most of them justify any means for a specific purpose. Therefore, don’t hesitate to refuse other people’s offers for your safety while traveling.
5. Take a map with you when you travel
Especially for holidays abroad, you should bring a map when traveling. Whether it’s near or far, always provide a map. The map will help you find your destination, so you don’t have to ask other people too often.
6. Bring a power bank to charge
If you want to go all day, don’t forget to bring a power bank. If the cellphone dies, you don’t have to worry about finding a charger. Just take out the power bank, the battery can be directly charged to full. Make sure you have charged the power bank first so that it can be used all day.
7. Save the numbers of important people
Incidents such as robbery are unavoidable while solo traveling. But don’t worry, by saving important numbers like the police, you can directly call and ask the police for help. Especially abroad, cases of robbery are handled very quickly, so that tourists remain comfortable when solo traveling.
Make sure you really have an emergency number when traveling solo. Mainly ask for help from people you know. Also note down the number of the Indonesian Embassy in your destination country to anticipate if at any time your passport is lost or you experience misfortune on the road.
8. Bring a headset when traveling
I don’t mean to be arrogant, but this headset is also useful when solo traveling. When you’re on the bus, for example, you can use a headset to avoid noise around you. But, stay alert too so that you continue to use it safely.
9. Find fellow travelers
This is the joy of being a solo traveling because you can be more familiar with fellow travelers. Especially if you are both solo travelers. Finding friends in vacation destinations is not difficult as long as you are smart in finding interesting topics of discussion, so that other people feel comfortable when they are near you.
Those are 9 tips that we can share for you to do Solo Travelling, thanks for reading
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