Vacation on the Brazilian beaches and enjoy the warm welcome that this friendly country extends to its visitors. In addition to the pretty girls on the beaches of Brazil, this exotic, tropical vacation destination offers incredible scenery, an ideal climate and the enthusiasm evidenced in the local culture is wonderfully infectious.


The coastline of Brazil is chock full of sightseeing possibilities and opportunities to perfect your photography with the incredible Brazil beaches surrounding secluded bays and endless vistas of natural enchantment.




Except for the southern part of Brazil, are popular tourist destinations the year round. The beaches are especially delightful in summer (except for the South of Brazil) but I would caution against planning your vacation from December to February because of the school holidays and the time of Carnival. Vacationing in Brazil during this time can be difficult to do to transportation issues and hotel rates are more expensive than at any other time of the year.


The optimal time to make your reservations to enjoy the Brazilian beaches would be during the months of March, April and May or September, October and November. During those times you should be able to find some cheap lodging and travel from one tourist attraction to the other more easily.




  • Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro :


Close to Rio de Janeiro this is considered by some to be one of the world’s best city beaches. This beach’s lovely, white sand is enjoyed by those who like a lively game of volleyball, beach babes with generous hips and to party till dawn. Don’t worry about finding a place to stay; the beaches are surrounded by hotels, motels and restaurants. There have been problems with crime on this beach. It’s best to eliminate the items that thieves might be attracted to such as cameras, jewelry and expensive watches. Don’t leave your purse lying on the beach chair unattended.

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  • Natal Brazil


is considered by many to be the ultimate beach vacation destination in northern Brazil. Although not one of the most elegant destinations in Brazil, Natal is very popular with European tourists as much for its safe family-friendly atmosphere as the fact that it is the closest Brazilian beach to Europe. The sand is the consistency of white sugar and swimmers interested and snorkeling or diving will love exploring the reefs just offshore and on days when the water is not a draw, the active traveler might boogie across the magnificent sand dunes in an ATV. Venture outside of Natal to visit the delightful nearby area of Ponta Negra Bay and enchanting Pipa beach for a chance of dolphin sightings.

Other Brazilian beaches of interest in the Natal region are:


  • Pirangi
  • Jacuma
  • Maracajaú
  • Galinhos

Leblon and Ipanema Rio de Janeiro :


Home of the tiny, sexy tanga girl’s bikini that are seen on many of the babes on the beach. Indeed, Ipanema and Leblon are more chic and sophisticated than nearby Copacabana beach. The sophistication translates into a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere that is very family-friendly where families and children can play in the powdery white sand and the amazing water blue water. If you would like an idea of the fun things to do in this area, check out one of the online videos taken in Brazil at Ipanema Beach.



Brigitte Bardot one of the beautiful celebrities of the 1960s made this Brazilian beaches that’s located 100 miles northeast of Rio famous for a while. It’s now quieted down quite a bit and those of us who are not movie stars should find something to love in at least one of the 22 beaches

  • Angra dos Reis, Costa Verde


Costa Verde is an excellent vacation destination in Brazil where you can lose yourself in the coastline between Rio and São Paulo. The best Brazilian beaches in this area is King’s Cover or as the locals call it, Angra dos Reis, an unspoiled attraction that is a vision of astonishing beauty as are most of the beaches in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Santos Beach Gardens
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The Brazilians of the area claim this to be one of the largest gardens on the planet. Whether or not that is an actual fact, the gardens are certainly something to see while on vacation in Brazil. The gardens are a stunning four miles long that span from Ponta da Praia to Guaruja then to Sao Vicente, known as the oldest town in Brazil.



Venture north of Rio de Janeiro to visit these beaches surrounded by nightlife, upscale resort hotels, quaint fishing villages and tropical rainforest and bird watching eco-tours.


  • Salvador, Bahia State


A picturesque colonial town surrounded by beaches.

Ilha de Tinharé, Bahia State


Ilha de Tinhare’ offers scenic seashores with conveniently located lodging in the way of (expensive) resort hotels in Ondina and Rio Vermelho as well as restaurants and music for those who love to dance the night away. Travel to the north along Orla Maritima across the sparkling sand to catch a quick meal at one of the excellent restaurants or to the mysterious, intriguing fresh water lagoon, Lagoa de Abaete’ .

  • Praia do Forte resort


Located north of Salvador, the old fishing of Praia do Forte has been given a facelift and new life as a low key vacation resort. Surrounded by thousands of acres of natural beauty and lovely Brazilian beaches, Praia do Forte is home to one of the very first Brazilian eco-resorts offering tourists a chance to take a walking tour of the jungle rainforest of Brazil.

  • Jericoacoara, Ceará State


Located a short drive west of Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, is a Brazilian vacation destination that is becoming an increasingly trendy tourist spot. With its gaining popularity Jericoacoara has stepped up to the plate offering fashionable family friendly entertainment and activities such as horseback riding on the beaches and windsurfing.



  • Guardo do Embau


If the water is not your idea of the best Brazilian vacation, you may want to try some sand boarding at this lovely beach that is very near both Florianopolis and Garopaba.

  • Praia do Rosa
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Drive south of Florianopolis to reach this beach which until recently was one of the well kept secrets among surfers. Once its excellent surf was discovered, the developers converged and went to work. Put Praia do Rosa at the top of your places to go on your Brazilian vacation for the joins the ranks of other overdeveloped beach vacation destinations.

More Brazilian beaches located south of Rio worthy of note:


  • Praia Ferrugem
  • Mariscal
  • 4 Ilhas

If you have your own ideas of the best beaches in Brazil that didn’t make it on our Top 10 Brazilian Beaches list, please take a minute to let other travelers know about it. It would be such a shame to keep beautiful travel destinations in Brazil a secret from your fellow travelers.




Plastic surgery prices in Brazil are so cheap that many tourists are going to Brazil to have their cosmetic surgery performed and then hanging around to enjoy the beaches. I see nothing wrong with the combination of a tummy tuck or a chin lift with a luxurious vacation on one of the fabulous Brazilian beaches! But I would offer the advice not to wait for medical reasons to take a trip to Brazil.




Nobody is saying that singles don’t love swimming, surfing and scenery. But, singles tend to enjoy mingling with the Brazilian girls at beaches as much as swimming there. There are contests where you can vote for your favorite and dances when the sun goes down. The pretty ladies are just another reason that you should start shopping for that all inclusive Brazil beach vacation package deal right now!


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