This is a Plus Minus Vacation Using Tour & Travel Services

Going on vacation has become a mandatory agenda every year. Whether it’s out of town or abroad, what is certain is still a vacation. Going on vacation is even easier thanks to tour & travel services that are now available in almost all cities in the World.

Tour & Travel Services
Tour & Travel Services

For those who are interested in using tour & travel services for a later vacation, first consider the advantages and disadvantages below.


Advantages of Using Tour & Travel Services


1. Practical and efficient


The first reason is because it is more practical and efficient. You don’t need to bother thinking about tourist attractions, travel routes, lodging places and so on. Everything has been arranged by the tour & travel service provider. Simply put, you just have to prepare the money, prepare your body and go on vacation.


2. Adding friends


If you use tour & travel services, you have the opportunity to add friends. Whether it’s fellow Asians or Caucasians, from any country you can. Here, you can get to know them as well as familiarize yourself with them. If one day you want another vacation, you can contact them. Who knows they are willing to accommodate you during the holidays. Thus, you can save on lodging costs.


3. Effective time


The use of time during the holidays is also more effective. This is because all travel routes and departure times have been arranged by the tour guide. So there is no such thing as being lazy to get up early, lazy to take a shower or anything like that. If you don’t show yourself at the appointed time, you risk being left at the hotel. Surely you don’t want to, right?



4. Suitable for beginners


For those of you who are traveling far for the first time, you should only use the services of a tour guide. Moreover, you do not know the ins and outs of the city, both the route of travel, the culture of the local people and the language used. If you want to ask about the city or country, you can directly ask the tour guide. They will be happy to share information with you. Fun, right?


Disadvantages of Using Tour & Travel Services


1. Less free


Tour & travel agents usually have planned trips carefully. 95% of what is planned will definitely be in accordance with the activities in the field. Interesting indeed, but the impression becomes less free. You can’t stop at any other place outside of the place that has been written, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. In addition, you also cannot freely take pictures here and there because you have to be with the group for one full day.


2. In a hurry


One of the purposes of a vacation is to have fun, without anyone forbidding it. But unfortunately, you will not feel this when you are on vacation with a travel agent. Starting from waking up until it’s time to go back to sleep, everything is arranged. If you have a busy schedule in one day, you have to hurry to prepare yourself so you don’t get left behind or reprimanded. The length of time to visit tourist attractions is also limited. You also often miss the best moments somewhere because of this rush.



3. More expensive


In general, the cost of a vacation using tour & travel services is more expensive than going alone. This is because of the convenience and more facilities that you can take advantage of during your vacation. But now, that expensive image has started to erode. Currently, many travel agents provide cheap vacation packages to people who want to vacation, especially abroad. If you want, you just have to look for the information on the internet.


Which one is better?

Use the services of a travel agent or go alone, both are equally good. It all depends on the vacation needs of each person. What is certain is to consider the pluses and minuses first so you don’t regret it after coming home from vacation.


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