Script Skin Granger Transformer Megatron No Password And BackUP

Script Skin Granger Transformer Megatron No Password And BackUP. You don’t need to look for the password because this script file doesn’t use code.

Script Skin Granger Transformer
Script Skin Granger Transformer

Within the framework of the MLBB x Transformers moment, bringing transformers robots to the Lands of Dawn. There are three robots that come from there, namely Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the villain, namely Megatron.

For his own role, Moonton chose three heroes from Mobile Legends, namely Johnson, X Borg and Granger. In the first post you can watch, namely, as well.

Which of the 3 transformer robots do you prefer? The author himself prefers Megatron’s Decpeticon. The argument is because I don’t know, apart from their nature they are enemies of goodness.



** Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Transformers Event **

This event took place in August 2021 yesterday. This means that the great opportunity to get Transformer series skins has disappeared. Maybe in the future there will also be more that you can get from regular events.

For the price itself, this Transformer ML skin is in the range of 7,000 to 12,000 diamonds. Lots of cool gamers will thrash about seeing so many diamonds. What else if it is converted to rupiah.

Alright, do your own calculations, this is the price for mobile legends diamonds when this article was created:

However, there is always a road to Rome, even if you only use the script.

** Granger Transformer Megatron Skin Script **

Relax, you can try this skin if you’re just curious and can only see it for yourself. Download the Granger Transformer Megatron Skin Script via the following link:

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** Download Script Skin Granger Transformer**

Remember, the file that you download on DeeriAww doesn’t use a password, so you can use it directly without the need to be confused looking for keywords.

You only need to make sure the file you’ve taken: the name of the folder in it. Until you understand how to do the process of placing the right paste.

** Download  BackUp Script Skin Granger Transformer**

If You Wanna Restore To Original Skin You Can Download Backup Below

Pay close attention to the contents of the folder that you took first. Create a Skin Granger Transformer Script file when you concentrate you can find a folder that has the name

** Placement Steps for Script Skin Granger Transformer **

I believe that many script lovers have confirmed that they know the correct placement trick for this file. For those who just played in this room, you can follow the following steps:

1. First you take the Skin Granger Transformer Script file

2. Concentrate the file by using the program on your cellphone, if you don’t have it you can use this program:

3. After process number two you will find a folder with the name . Copy or write the file to mobile-phone storage: Android >> Data >> folder (paste here). If there is a pop up available to completely overwrite it, click Yes.

4. Completed

5. You can immediately test success or not by opening the ML game on your cellphone

Video Tutorial

** Is the Script Skin Granger Transformer Safe? **

For a beginner, of course asking about that, and that’s very common. Because then I’m one of those people who keeps asking questions like that. Then I keep trying with a new account, not a core account.

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The results are safe. Because in my opinion, this ml skin script only changes the external appearance of the game. Never mess up the game structure. So, don’t give anyone a loss.

In fact, the changes you make can only be witnessed by ourselves. Other parties, even your teammates, cannot see what changes you have made to these heroes.


Always use backup files for ml scripts. Just in case you feel like changing back the performance of your heroes. It’s a shame that DeeriAww didn’t prepare the original backup file for the ML skin. Maybe another chance.

Okay, that’s a glimpse of the Granger Transformer Skin Script study. Hope it helps.

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