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Script Skin Gusion Kof No Password for you users of the ZARCHIVER script.

Skin Kof or is a skin series resulting from a combination of Moonton and SNK which after that is called Mobile Legends x KoF. SNK itself is a company from Japan that produces games.

Maybe you also know, the KoF skin series in Mobile Legends takes the names of KoF game characters, including: Athena Asamiya, Leona, K’, Chris, and Kula.

Script Skin Gusion Kof
Script Skin Gusion Kof

Gusion, as an assassin hero in ML, finds K’s character. You can watch K’s appearance in the King of Fighter Game below.

Not much different from Gusion when using the KoF skin. For his own narrative appearance, Gusion’s appearance is monopolized by a dark shirt and has white hair. So different from the original face.

However, really every skin on the heroes of mobile Legends, the face becomes like a different person for the two of them. Even though it’s actually the same, when you can’t.



** Download Skin Gusion KoF Script **

For the full effect Gusion KoF skin, you can easily use it on your smartphone. Of course, you can immediately see the changes directly in the game. If it’s true such application.

You can download it directly at the following link for this Gusion skin.

**Download Script Skin Gusion Kof Backup Files**

Mimin also includes the backup file just in case you want to return the default skin.


· Those who want to extract the file use ZArchiver, please download it;.

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** Script Skin Gusion Kof Deployment Steps **

For those of you who are general, of course you already know the method of placing this ML skin script. For those who have not been trained, please follow the following method:

1. First download the script file above.

2. After a successful download, you extract it using a file archiver, for those who don’t have it, you can download it at the link above too.

3. Fill in the file later you will find the ‘Android’ folder. So copy the folder to your internal storage directly and it will hit the Android folder that is there.

4. The general line for storing mobile legends game data is: Android >> Data >> >> files >> dragon2017 >> assets (Script File Here).

5. Open the game to see the results immediately.

Video Tutorial

You can try using it in the Custom style first to just try this skin script. But I’ve also used it on the RANK model, and my account is safe.

Okay, that’s Full Risk no Code

Thank you

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