Script Skin Ling Collector Serene Plume No Passwod And Backup | Full Effect Voice | Patch Terbaru

Script Skin Ling Collector Serene Plume,  Moonton has released a teaser video for the latest Mobile Legends Collector skin which will make Ling hero users and art lovers happy. The skin is called “Serene Plume”.

Script Skin Ling Collector
Script Skin Ling Collector

In its cover, the Serene Plume skin places Ling in a Japanese art-inspired setting, complete with oriental cloud patterns, and a traditional Japanese castle backdrop.

Apart from that, the presence of a giant full moon in the cover skin of Serene Plume also gives off a more Japanese feel.

Through this Script Skin Ling Collector Serene Plume, this agile hero will wear a dark blue robe with feather accessories on the back, holding a shining blue sword, black hair with white highlights, and transparent feathers on the bottom. If you’re a fan of Dynasty Warriors games, you’ll love Ling’s new look.


**Skill Effect Script Ling Collector Skin Serene Plume**

Through this Script Skin Ling Collector Serene Plume, the skills possessed by the hero will have enhanced and beautiful effects, especially because the classification of this skill is Collector.

With a shining blue sword in his hand, his basic attacks would emit a sparkling effect and give the illusion as if the weapon was made of water.

When using Finch Poise, Script Skin Ling Collector who is on top of the wall will have a dark blue shadow appearance instead of the usual light blue.

However, the main highlight of this Serene Plume skin is its ultimate skill, Tempest of Blades. Every time this skill was activated, Ling left an oriental cloud pattern formation on the ground.

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The price for the Ling Serene Plume skin in the Mobile Legends Grand Collection

The Grand Collection is a monthly event that always presents exclusive and limited skins each month. It is one of the events that have quite an expensive price, you can get the main prize at this price.

Now in June 2021. The skin that will be present as a prize at the event is a Ling hero named Serene Plume. You can get this skin for around 5000 – 6000 diamonds. Depends on your luck.

Well, as the name suggests, it’s also a Gacha game, you need high luck to get it, besides that, you can also use tokens to get these skins at a lower price.

As for the calculation of 5000 – 6000 diamonds, you can buy them at a price of around IDR 1.5 million. It also depends on where you top up. Of course, it will be cheaper if you use promos and others.

How are you interested in getting the latest skin hero Ling at the Grand Collection event this time? You can get not only one skin, you know.

With a price that is quite expensive compared to other skins, this Grand Collection event also provides lots of skins that you can get.

Starting from Normal skins, Elite Skins, Special Skins, and also Collector skins. That way, the total price of the skin itself can be said to be sufficient and can be redeemed for 1500 diamonds.

Not only that, but you can also get other prizes starting from Border Avatar, Magic Dust, Rare Fragments, and many other prizes that you can also claim during the draw.

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** Download Script Skin Ling Collector**

Remember, the file that you download on DeeriAww doesn’t use a password, so you can use it directly without the need to be confused looking for keywords.

**Download Backup Script Skin Ling Collector**

** Placement Steps for Granger Transformer Skin Script **

I believe that many script lovers have confirmed that they know the correct placement trick for this file. For those who just played in this room, you can follow the following steps:

1. First you take the Script Skin Ling Collector file

2. Concentrate on the file by using the program on your cellphone, if you don’t have it you can use this program:

3. After process number two you will find a folder with the name . Copy or write the file to mobile-phone storage: Android >> Data >> folder (paste here). If there is a pop-up available to completely overwrite it, click Yes.

4. Completed

5. You can immediately test success or not by opening the ML game on your cellphone

Video Tutorial

So, that’s all for information on the price of the Script Skin Ling Collector Serene Plume, which will be available exclusively at the Grand Collection event in Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you later!

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