Download Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Full Effects + Backup File 2022

-Download Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Full Effects + Backup File, One of the assassin heroes who got the latest skin in September 2020 is Lancelot. This time, the skin obtained has the Hero stamp with a super cool appearance. So, in this article, the admin will provide a tutorial on how to get the free Hero Lancelot Swordmaster skin by using the Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Full Risk Revamp Backup File. How is it placed? read in full below.

Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster
Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster

Lancelot is the most famous Hero assassin in mobile legends. This assassin has the ability to be agile and simple to destroy his opponents, especially enemies with low HP, such as marksman or mage. Because Lancelot has many lovers, that possibility is the reason why Moonton launched a skin that is very rare, namely skins that have the Hero label.


The appearance of the animation is also very unique where Lancelot conquers monsters like in the comics. The skin replaces Lancelot’s appearance with dark blue and gold clothes. His blade had a bright yellow color and barked like energy. All of the skins are Lancelot’s latest skins which are very good and important for you to have.



Price for the Latest Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Mobile Legends 2022

Following are the prices for the latest 2022 Lancelot Swordmaster Skin Mobile Legends

The Lancelot Swordmaster skin resale is back in Mobile Legends. And of course through this moment you can get the HERO Lancelot skin back before you miss it.

This skin is a HERO squad skin that once existed in 2020, and is being brought back for those of you who want to get it back.
Of course, for those who don’t have this skin, I’m asking more or less how much it costs if you want to be able to pass that gacha moment?

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The answer is that there is no clear price, but it is based on the many Mobile Legends (ML) YouTubers who have purchased this skin.

They all spend an average of around 10,000 to 12,000 diamonds which, if converted into rupiah, requires funds worth 2-3 million rupiah.

But you don’t need to worry because each of them has certain luck, so quite a few have managed to get this skin with only 10x draw.

And also for those of you who are patient and can save yourself through the upcoming moment on May 21, 2022, you can get a total of up to 30 free draws through a quest.
So, you can save around 1350 diamonds if you draw later on May 21 when the Lancelot skin moment quest comes.

To get it, players generally have to do gatcha and of course they need quite a lot of diamonds. So, for those of you who want to get skins for free, you can use the Hero Lancelot Swordmaster ML skin script full effect backup file. For placement, follow the tutorial below.

Download Link Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster

For the full effect Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Skin, you can easily use it on your smartphone. Of course, you can immediately see the changes directly in the game. If it’s true such application.

You can download it directly at the following link for this Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Skin.

Download Backup Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster

We really care about you so you can play mobile legends as before, we provide backup files Of Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster

** How to Install Script Skin Lancelot Hero Swordmaster Full Risk Backup File **

1. Download the full risk Hero Lancelot ML Revamp skin script which is in this article

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2. Concentrate files by using a file manager like ZArchiver.

3. Write or change the Art and UI folder to this internal storage.

Internal Storage > Android > data > > files > dragon2017 > assets (paste here)

Note: Backup the original folder/file if necessary.

4. Open the mobile legends game and see if the script is successfully applied.

5. If you are successful, you can play in any style.



That’s the technique for getting skin Lancelot Hero mobile legends for free without diamonds. If you have problems following the placement tutorial, please ask via the comment box. Keep in mind to keep visiting the site for other recent updates regarding mobile legends games.

Best of luck!

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