Download Script Skin Dyrroth KoF Orochi Chris No Password + Backup File

Download Script Skin Dyrroth KoF Orochi Chris No Password + Backup File, for those of you who are Dyrroth users and want to get kof Dyrroth skin for free without diamonds, you can follow the tutorial in this content by downloading the KOF Dyrroth skin script mobile legends backup file latest patch code. Read in detail below.

Script Skin Dyrroth KoF
Script Skin Dyrroth KoF


Mobile Legends X King Of Fighter

Mobile Legends has officially released the latest skin as a result of their collaboration with SNK, the developer and publisher/publisher of several new classic Japanese games. From this combination, there are skins titled 3 personalities of King of Fighters (KoF), namely K’, Kula Diamond, and Orochi Chris.

This skin is the 2nd batch of KOF skins previously after Moonton successfully released KOF skins with the characteristics of, Leona Karina, and. So, for you lovers of mobile legends games, what’s more, your favorite hero found a KOF skin that definitely wants to take advantage of that skin, right?

Therefore has prepared a download link for KOF skins for free without diamonds. This skin script is specifically for the fighter hero Dyrroth with his newest skin


Chris’ character in King of Fighter is one of the 4 heavenly kings of Orochi and an ally of Kyo Kusanagi. This character was introduced in KOF’97 and has the ability to emit dark fire.


Nach Chris was the character chosen to be Dyrroth’s skin, of course by matching Dyrroth’s abilities as well. To find out more about the appearance of the skin and its potential effects, you can immediately follow the steps for placing it below.

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Price of Skin Dyrroth KOF Orochi Chris

Until now, it is known that Mobile Legends will give its players 1 skin, but it is not known whether players will get KOF skins for free or not, and these 2 version 2 KOF skins can only be obtained by using the Bingo event, namely the Kula Diamond Aurora Skin, and the K’ Gussion Skin is the same as its predecessor event in the KOF skin version 1. As for the Dyrroth Skin, you can buy it directly using Diamonds for 1288 Diamonds or around Rp. 320,000, – and you will get a discount at the start of the event to 902 Diamonds, or around Rp. 230.000, -.
Now, for other skins, once playing the bingo event, players will spend 2,250 Diamonds or around Rp. 565.000, – for 10 times playback. And players who are less fortunate can spend more diamonds than that. And remembering Iori Yagami’s skin a while ago cost Rp. 2,651,500, – you can be sure that one of the K’ Gussion skins or the Kula Diamond Aurora skin will probably have the same price.

Download Script Skin Dyrroth KoF Orochi Chris

For the full effect Dyrroth KoF skin, you can easily use it on your smartphone. Of course, you can immediately see the changes directly in the game. If it’s true, such application.

You can download it directly at the following link for this Script Skin Dyrroth Kof Orochi Chris.

Download Backup Script Skin Dyrroth KoF Orochi Chris

We really care about you so you can play mobile legends as before, we provide backup files Of Script Skin Dyrroth Kof Orochi Chris

** Steps to Install Script Skin Dyrroth KoF Mobile Legends **


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1. Download the Dyrroth KOF orochi chris versus ZArchiver script at the link below.

2. Concentrate files by using a file manager like ZArchiver.

3. Note or switch the Art, Audio, and UI folders to internal memory as below.

Internal Storage > Android > data > > files > dragon2017 > assets > (Paste Here)

Note: Don’t forget to back up the original folder/file.

4. Open mobile legends games and see if the script is successfully implemented.

5. If you are successful, you can play in any style.




· Work abc folder · Full impact · Full sound · File backup · No passwordd


The above is the trick to downloading the KOF Dyrroth Skin Script No Cooldown Mobile Legends Ability. If you experience difficulties when following the placement tutorial, please ask via the comment box or via the contact form.


Don’t forget to always visit for the latest updates regarding mobile legends games. Happy playing!

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