Script Skin Chou Kof No Password Full Effect Voice and Backup File

Script Skin Chou Kof

Script Skin Chou Kof No Password Full Effect Latest Mobile Legends Patch

Script Skin Chou Kof
Script Skin Chou Kof

Hello, my friend DeeriAww, I'm back, Mimin. At this time, I can share with you the latest mobile legends script for free, which you can then use in whatever style you need. This script has the name Skin Chou Iori Yagami (KOF) Script which was actually just made with the latest update patch, namely patch kof part 2. In this 2nd kof skin, there are 3 heroes who found this King Of Fighter skin, one of which is Aurora. , Gusion and Dyrroth.


It can be said that this KOF Chou skin has a pretty charming and super beautiful appearance which is mastered by the color of dark blue and red clothes, plus the appearance of his hair which has a red color so that it makes the appearance of this Kof Chou skin very beautiful. This Kof Chou skin is very neat, plus now that Mooton has synergized with SNK, which is certain after that there will be other heroes who will get this Kof skin, friend.


When you use the free Chou Kof skin script, you have to use a small account first or a Smurf account because Moonton really dislikes using this script. If you have installed the Kof Chou Iori Yagami skin script, you can try it first in custom mode, of course you can get the full effect of this Kof Chou skin. The effect of this skin hero is what most players really want and want because it will issue amazing effects.




For my friends, especially fighter users who still don't have the kof chou skin, you can just try using this script because it's free, but there are risks, bro. Regarding the placement steps, you can watch the tutorial below, so you can immediately click on the link that I have provided, friend.



 Chou Kof Skin Script Placement Trick

· First download the script at the link above. · After that, you extract or open it using Zarchiver.

· Then you write down all the script files to be transferred to internal storage.

· Then go to the android folder, paste it there, bro.

· Then you open the mobile legends game and you can try it in a custom style first.

· Finished

Notes: Keep in mind to back up the ORI assets folder.

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