Script Skin Balmond Collector Full Effect No Password Bonus Backup File

Script Skin Balmond Collector- Mobile legends skin collectors are the most sought-after skins and are included in the most expensive mobile legends skins. You can find this skin with a number of diamonds that match the price at that time. So, what is the price and Diamond Skin Collector Balmond Mobile Legends

Balmond himself is one of the old heroes in mobile legends. His first arrival became a fighter idol until now.

Previously, Balmond was a fighter-tank hero who was able to withstand physical attacks but also give sick attacks. After the update, Balmond is better used as a pure mobile legends fighter role with high physics.

The skin from the hero Balmond keeps ML players waiting for. The reason is that this hero is one of the favorite heroes of players in Mobile Legends (ML).

Update Script Skin Balmond Collector Mobile Legends, who want to see its impact in game play, please click this download link.

For those who want to try the Balmond Collector skin for free, read this article, so you don’t go wrong when using this script.

This Balmond Collector skin has a different effect from the previous skin mode, not only that, this skin effect changes the voice of Hero Balmond.

Script Skin Balmond Collector
Script Skin Balmond Collector


Price and Diamond Skin Collector Balmond Mobile Legends

The price of the last Balmond Mobile Legends (ML) diamond skin Collector is reaching 1 million rupiah. Of course that is a natural price for the latest Balmond skin.

So the Balmond Collector skin is present in the Mobile Legends game as an alternative to the Benedetta Collector skin which was launched in the ML game last month.

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Apart from Balmond, this Collector skin is also ready for other ML heroes. It’s a shame the offers from a number of Collector skins come in a limited era in the game.

So the period for the Collector skin offer in the Mobile Legends (ML) game is until August 28, 2021 later. There is still quite a long time for players to use to be able to find the last skin for this Balmond hero.

Download Script Skin Balmond Collector

Relax, for those who don’t want to spend money, you can use the following ml Script Skin Balmond Collector. It’s okay, it doesn’t interfere with the system anyway.

The Script Skin Balmond Collector Will Be update every Mobile Legends Update New Patch

Download Backup Script Skin Balmond Collector

if you want to restore Script Skin Balmond Collector to the beginning you can download the backup file below

Steps to Install the Script Skin Balmond Collector

For many ML gamers who have been trained in pairing scripts, of course they already know. So for those who don’t know the technique, you can follow the following tutorial:

  1. First, take the ml Script Skin Balmond Collector file in the table above.
  2. Prepare ZArchiver, for those who still don’t have it, please download it at once.
  3. Extract the files that you took earlier using ZArchiver.
  4. Then you can find a folder called Art, Audio, Ui.
  5. Copy the 3 folders to your internal storage at: Android >> Data >> >> files >> dragon2017 >> assets >> (Paste here)
  6. Done.
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Video Tutorial

** Is it affected by tires when used in Classic or Rank style? **

The answer is no. Your account can be safe. I myself also try to play either in Classic or Rank style. And my account is fine.

If you want to restore the default skin, please install the skin backup script. Therefore the appearance of the hero that you have exchanged will return to the way it was before. Or sometimes, an update from Mobile Legends itself will immediately return to its standard appearance.

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