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HealthCare Too, LLC Offers Guidance and Service to “HIPAA-deniers”

HealthCare Too, LLC Offers Guidance and Service to “HIPAA-deniers”

Mike Semel has written some terribly perceptive articles on HIPAA associate degreed has turned some catchy phrases in an otherwise pretty uninteresting subject. you're a HIPAA Business Associate in spite of what you say” looks to capture most of the present confusion that aid Too has announce his article on its web site  so as to make awareness and repair the “HIPAA-deniers”.

HealthCare Too has fully fledged its own conversations with HIPAA-deniers (both coated Entities and Business Associates) and sees a growing would like for facilitate, supported examples such as:

*Providing specific text from the HIPAA Omnibus to internet hosting firms that wittingly (or uncaringly) store Protected Health info on servers that ar full of full of shared accounts,

*Explaining to a physician’s workplace that a stack of backup tapes reaching over 2 feet high on high their server wasn't an honest plan,

*Listening to innumerable suppliers write or tell U.S. that they're “willing to require the risk” or that they attempt to “close up shop” due to HIPAA,

*Learning from attorneys, CPAs, charge firms, et al. of the worth of their services to healthcare... and additionally that their laptops don't seem to be encrypted,

*Deciphering from Complementary and practice of medicine (CAM) suppliers however they're aid suppliers (some even accredited by the State)

*Engaging with “experts” UN agency have not browse the HIPAA Omnibus,

*Hearing varied schemes to avoid being coated by HIPAA... typically a supplier UN agency desires to be entirely paper-based.

How will aid Too facilitate the HIPAA-deniers?

For those HIPAA-deniers UN agency ar merely still confused concerning the new role of Business Associates however wish to try and do the “right thing”, aid Too has created a free white book to create this modification additional understandable: HIPAA and Business Associates: Tempest in a very pot or excellent Storm? in addition as a FREE PowerPoint presentation. For those HIPAA-deniers UN agency perceive the laws however still wish to avoid compliance through denial and dodging, they must think about HIPAA as a mechanism to enhance quality at intervals their organization... not not like alternative components of aid.

Some of the members of aid Too return from the producing aspect of aid that's subject to office regulation and have seen rigor that produces HIPAA pale by comparison (despite protests by HIPAA-deniers to the contrary)... truckloads of documentation (sometimes quite literally), taxing modification Management processes, annual coaching, update coaching, summary updates, and then way more. whereas cumbersome, the impact of those “Good Practices” (e.g., GxP) have dramatically improved results and safety in prescription drugs and medical devices. whereas debates can continue that these office practices ar an excessive amount of or maybe even not enough rigor, (with some exceptions) these processes don't even influence Protected Health info that will ruin a person’s life if not properly safeguarded. That information resides totally on unencrypted laptops, random and contrary USB drives, unattended backup tapes, $ 3.95/month shared hosting accounts, and numerous free email and cloud services... a indisputable fact that could be unmarked by HIPAA-deniers. Adoption of best practices is de facto larger patient focus and higher management of resources (not to say compliance with Federal and State law).

HealthCare Too’s Chief info Officer, Tim Perry, sums it up best: “Honestly, HIPAA is simply commonsense and best practices for those that hassle to browse and realize it.” Of the forty two HIPAA Security Rule Implementation Standards, a fast verify any of them (once one will notice them!) presents a simple selection between “doing the correct thing” to shield patient information and “leaving to chance” that nothing happens. tho' conversations with “HIPAA-deniers” are often difficult, aid Too members have continuously been convinced that the reluctance to adopt HIPAA is additional of a desire to know than a want to endanger patients. aid Too and its eco-system of partners ar able to facilitate.

HealthCare Too (HCT) could be a certified Women-owned business (i.e., WBENC, NWBOC) that gives HIPAA Compliance, Cloud Hosting, and information Storage through shared services. we have a tendency to facilitate any-sized coated Entities and Business Associates with higher performance, medical-grade computing and compliance resources... rather like what one finds within the largest establishments and enterprises. aid Too uses leveraged resources to produce higher performance and contain prices. Whether MD, DO, OD, DDS, LMT, dietician, acupuncturist, yoga healer, long run acute care, rehabilitation facility, pharmacy, retail clinic, surgery center, clearinghouse, insurance supplier, Business Associate, or subcontractor... all have to be compelled to be a part of the digital aid system and adjust to HIPAA for electronic protected health info. aid Too makes that easier and fewer overpriced.

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